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Althea X | STAY FRESH BODY SPARKLING MIST & PORE PURIFYING SERUM CLEANSER (Wajah bersih dan mulus serta haruman mewangi sepanjang hari)

Hai assalamualaikum semua. Althea X telah berjaya mengeluarkan Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist yang pertama dan baunya sangat harum dan wangi. Ianya adalah kolaberasi bersama dengan artis terkenal Indonesia iaitu pelakon yang popular dengan Filem Ada Apa Dengan Cinta Titi Kamal. Beliau yang sentiasa tampil anggun dan cantik menawan telah memberi inspirasi terhadap kewujudan Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist untuk kegunaan ramai.

San Francisso Coffee Wave 2 Win Contest

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San Francisso Coffee Wave 2 Win Contest

Hai semua. Siapa peminat kopi terutamanya Sanfrancisso Coffee. Ada berita gembira di mana apabila anda belanja RM30 dengan menggunakan debit card pay wave, anda berpeluang untuk menyertai peraduan WAVE 2 WIN dari San Francisso Coffee dan mana tahu boleh menang hadiah yang mana bernilai sehingga RM225000. Seronok kan. 

Tatacara Membuat Rayuan Secara Online Maktab Mahmud

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Tatacara Kepada Calon Membuat Rayuan Secara Online untuk Kemasukan Penuntut Baru Tingkatan Satu Maktab Mahmud 2019.

Hai assalamualaikum semua. Khaty kongsikan pula tatacara kepada calon untuk membuat rayuan bagi kemasukan penuntut baru tingkatan satu Maktab Mahmud 2019. Di ingatkan bahawa sistem untuk rayuan dibuka pada 13hb Disember 2018 sehingga 20 Disember 2018.


Domino’s Pizza & Pepsi Black Unveil Winners of The Everyone’s A Winner Contest

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Domino’s Pizza & Pepsi Black Unveil Winners of The Everyone’s A Winner Contest
Grand Prize Winner Drives Home A Brand New Honda City!

SHAH ALAM, December 12, 2018 – Inspired by a shared vision of rewarding customers, Domino’s Pizza teamed up with its long-standing beverage partner, Etika to offer customers with the opportunity to win outstanding prizes worth more than RM130,000!
Lucky winner: Mr Chee Hin Kiat from Ipoh secures grand prize, a brand new Honda City! 

Tatacara Mencetak Surat Tawaran Online Maktab Mahmud

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Tatacara Mencetak Surat Tawaran Online Calon Yang Berjaya Untuk Kemasukan Penuntut Baru Tingkatan Satu Maktab Mahmud 2019.

Hai semua. Baru-baru ini anak khaty telah pergi untuk menghadiri ujian kemasukan ke Tingkatan Satu Maktab Mahmud yang berlangsung di Alor Star. Ramai calon yang terlibat hadir untuk menjawab ujian. Keputusan telah keluar dan ternyata tiada rezeki bagi anak khaty untuk kemasukan yang pertama. Jadi khaty kena menunggu untuk permohonan rayuan di buka untuk mengisi borang rayuan online bagi kemasukan tingkatan satu Maktab Mahmud 2019. 

Khaty kongsikan cara untuk mencetak surat tawaran bagi murid yang berjaya melepasi ujian tempoh hari. Sistem online akan dibuka sepenuhnya pada tarikh 13hb Disember 2018 untuk urusan mencetak surat tawaran dan rayuan.

1. Calon yang layak hendaklah ‘log in’ ke akaun Maktab Mahmud dengan menggunakan laman sesawang www.maktabmahmud.edu.my

2. Calon hendaklah mencetak surat tawaran dengan menekan butang ‘ Cetak Surat Tawaran ‘

3. Calon hendaklah mencetak dan membawa surat tersebut ke Maktab Mahmud yang ditawarkan.

4. Calon hendaklah membuat pengesahan bermula 13hb Disember 2018 sehingga 20hb Disember 2018.

5. Sekiranya calon tidak mengesahkan pada tarikh tersebut, calon tersebut di anggap menolak tawaran tersebut.

6. Sebarang rayuan /pindaan selepas tarikh tersebut TIDAK AKAN DILAYAN

7.  Keputusan dari pihak Maktab Mahmud adalah muktamad.

Sumber : fb Lembaga Maktab Mahmud.

WillKey™, Malaysia’s First Will Registry, Centralises Will Search and Storage to Provide Peace of Mind

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WillKey™, Malaysia’s First Will Registry, Centralises Will Search and Storage to Provide Peace of Mind

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 AUGUST 2018 – When a loved one passes away, a pertinent question is asked, “I know the deceased has done a Will but where did he or she keep the Will?” Many families often face the tedious task of locating a loved one’s Will after his or her demise. 
MWD Depository Sdn Bhd director Su Tiang Joo( right) and general manager Marina Suwendy at the launch of Willkey at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

It is an unfortunate but stark truth that a Will that cannot be found is as good as there being no Will at all.

A Will may be stored in different places – at home, at the office, with lawyers, banks, or Will writing service providers, for example. Over time, it may be that the testator has misplaced the Will or kept it in a place that even the testator has forgotten. Unexpected and rather unpleasant incidences such as these, fires, accidents and floods have also compromised the safety and security of the Will, much to the dismay of next-of-kin.

Locating a Will then becomes a long drawn-out process that could extend anywhere from months to years. Meanwhile, disputes may arise over the distribution of assets of the deceased. There may be assets which only the deceased knew of but did not disclose during his or her lifetime to a living family member, that are mentioned in the Will. With undiscovered Wills, assets such as these may be left unclaimed upon the death of the deceased. 

The Ministry of Finance disclosed in 2017 that assets amounting to RM5.7 billion were left unclaimed. Further to that, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment previously disclosed in 2016 that estates of deceased persons worth RM60 billion remain unclaimed. 
These are worrying numbers that signify just how much wealth the rightful beneficiaries could have inherited from their ancestors and are entitled to, if only they had the necessary documentation in order to make the claim – most importantly, the testators’ Wills.

These concerns circle back to one point – is there a centralised registry where Malaysians can find the Will of a testator? 

MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd today announced a solution that enables Malaysians to search for a Will. WillKey™, Malaysia’s first Will registry, serves as a central registry where testators can register information about the whereabouts, or deposit copies of their Wills. If they so wish, they can also store them with MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd and have their Wills located easily. With a purpose-built business model of registration, storage and search of Wills only, WillKey™ serves as a centre for effective Will search and custodian services. And, with a robust and secure vault with a fire suppression facility in place that leverages on technology, WillKey™ consolidates information for testators, executors and beneficiaries to simplify and expedite the process of searching for and retrieving Wills.

We believe that Malaysians are always looking for easier and more efficient ways to get things done. Searching for a Will to facilitate the rightful execution and distribution of wealth and assets is no exception. Having a Will is important for anyone who has properties, insurance policies, bank accounts and other types of assets to determine who inherits them, but knowing where the person has stored a Will is just as important. This is especially important for families who experience sudden death, where they were financially dependent on the deceased and need a speedy resolution to move on with their lives,” said Mr Su Tiang Joo, Director of MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd. 

Matters regarding a Will are of utmost privacy to the testator, who is the sole decider on who inherits his or her wealth. Because of this nature, many people do not disclose where they have kept their Will, preferring to entrust this information with a solicitor, or if the Will is kept at home, in a space known only to the testator. “This is where WillKey™ comes in,” he added. “We have people who know that a Will exists, but there is little information on where it is. WillKey™ serves as the centralised registry that allows predetermined persons for e.g. lawyers, executors or next-of-kin, on production of appropriate documents, to access information on a particular Will, conveniently and without hassle. We understand how private this is to the testator, and we want to help testators with what is important to them. WillKey™ wants to ensure that their Will is registered and stored safely so that the testator’s wishes can be rightfully executed.”

WillKey™ is not just for those who are looking for a deceased’s Will, but also serves as a platform for lawyers and Will writing service providers to register their clients’ Wills. “We encourage all people, be it testators or solicitors, to register and store their Wills with WillKey™. This makes the search process for a Will less tedious,” added Mr Su. 

While Will-related services tend to be costly for a testator, WillKey™ intends to provide services that are affordable without compromising its security and credibility. Its subscription fees are tailored to minimise impact on a testator’s financial expenditure. A testator only needs to register once with WillKey™ with a one-time fee of RM133.33. Will storage subscription fees are available for as low as RM3.33 per month. “Will-related services tend to be the last thing on people’s minds as they are not day-to-day expenditures that people think of. This is why WillKey™’s fees were designed with affordability in mind. Think of it as a small investment to ensure the security and safe retrieval of your Will. We wanted our services not to be an added burden for testators and their families who have already spent a fair bit on the entire Will-writing process,” commented Mr Su. 

The centralised Will registry also serves to complement the ecosystem of testators, executors and beneficiaries by working hand-in-hand with agencies who help clients write Wills and manage the execution of their Wills, trusts and estate administration. Mr Su explained, “By entering this interconnected system, WillKey™ intends for all parties to benefit from this relationship. The opportunities are open-ended for partners who are on board with WillKey™ and they will be able to enjoy an additional income stream from Will registration and storage.  Essentially, people want a trustworthy and credible service. Lawyers, executors and Will writing service providers can then provide that assurance to their clients that with WillKey™, the Wills registered with them can be easily located and if stored with them, can be easily retrieved. This is how WillKey™ contributes to the relationship with its partners.” 

The process of Will finding and execution itself can take a toll on family members who lose a loved one. The process of moving on with life, especially after a death in the family, should not be another difficult experience. Ultimately, WillKey™ wants to give that peace of mind from the very beginning, ensuring that Wills can be easily located when the time comes and also offering the storage facility to cater for people who wish to have their Will stored with us for added safety,” said Mr Su. 

To find out more about WillKey™ and for a comprehensive list of its services and subscription fees, please visit http://www.mywillkey.com.

About MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd
MWD Wills Depository was established by a team of active lawyers who saw a need for a centralised Will registry in Malaysia. Established in 2017, MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd owns WillKey™, Malaysia’s first centralised Will registry that serves as a facility to register, store and search Wills. Through WillKey™, MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd is dedicated to effectively managing the Will custodianship process, and ensuring beneficiaries gain access to a testators’ last Will and testament as smoothly as possible.

For queries on WillKey™, please contact: 

MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd
Marina Suwendy, General Manager – marina@mywillkey.com | 012-329 8099.

Kitsui Membantu Pengurusan Berat Badan Berlebihan

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Kitsui Membantu Pengurusan Berat Badan Berlebihan

Hai semua. Pada masa sekarang terdapat banyak produk minuman dan makanan tambahan yang mana dapat membantu dalam proses penurunan berat badan. Yang pastinya jangan terburu-buru untuk mengambil produk yang diragui, pastikan ianya selamat dari segi pembuatan dan kesannya. Produk daripada Kitsui ini merupakan suatu produk yang telah lama menapak di malaysia di mana penggunaanya di yakini oleh rakyat malaysia. Kali ini khaty telah memilih produk Kitsui untuk proses penurunan berat badan. Berjaya atau tidak terpulang kepada sikap dan disiplin anda dalam mengawal cara pemakanan dan senaman untuk untuk kekal cergas, sihat dan paling penting dapat berat badan yang ideal.


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Menuju gerbang terakhir tahun 2018, Pusat Pungutan Zakat – MAIWP (PPZ-MAIWP) mengadakan kempen ‘Jadi Kaya Dengan Zakat’ bagi menghebahkan tentang keberkatan berzakat dari pelbagai aspek kepada umum.

Zakat Harta yang boleh ditunaikan sepanjang bulan Disember iaitu Zakat Pendapatan, Zakat Perniagaan, Zakat Wang Simpanan, Zakat Emas, Zakat KWSP dan Zakat Saham. Juga mengalakkan umum untuk membayar zakat yang tertunda dari tahun sebelumnya dengan menunaikan Qada Zakat. 

Selaran dengan moto utama PPZ-MAIWP iaitu ‘ memudahkan anda berzakat’ mepat saluran pembayaran zakat yang telah disediakan bagi memudahkan pembayar adalah melalui:


Dibuka 7 hari seminggu termasuk CUTI UMUM

Waktu operasi: 1 Disember – 25 Disember: 8.15 pagi – 4.45 petang 

Senarai lokasi kaunter-kaunter PPZ-MAIWP

1. Shamelin Perkasa (HQ PPZ-MAIWP)
2. Plaza RAH, Kampung baru
3. Masjid Negara
4. KLSC Wangsa Maju
5. UTC KL, Pudu Sentral
6. Presint 9, Putrajaya
7. Presint 15, Diplomatik, Putrajaya
8. Masjid Al-Imam Al- Ghazali, Kepong
9. Anjung Niaga Masjid At-Taqwa, TTDI
10. Masjid Abdul Rahman Bin Auf, Jalan Puchong 
11. Labuan Times Square

Bagi mempromosikan saluran ini dengan penampilan istimewa Ustaz Haslin Baharim, Norman Hakim dan Ustaz Elyas Ismail.


Apakah keistimewaan pembayaran zakat melalui saluran ini?

1. Pengunaan resit rasmi bayaran online secara sepenuhnya.
2. Pengiraan kalkulator zakat secara automatik yang lebih ringkats
3. Melakukan pembayan lebih dari satu jenis zakat dalam satu masa dengan pengunaan Troli Zakat.
4. Integrasi pembayaran zakat mengunakan chatbox FB Messenger agar menjawab persoalan kiraan zakat yang ingin ditunaikan. 
5. Video tutorial berkaitan panduan pengiraan zakat
6. Bacaan doa untuk para muzakki (pembayar zakat) setelah selesai pembayaran zakat di lakukan. 
7. Dan sudah tentunya, pembayaran zakat menerusi Portal PPZ-MAIWP ini boleh dibuat pada bila-bila sahaja dan di mana sahaja anda berada.

Selebriti yang bakal mempromosikan saluran ini adalah Amar Baharin. 


Dengan kosep semudah di hujung jari, 14 bank telah dilantik sebagai ejen bagi memudahkan pembayaran zakat di PPZ- MAIWP. Pembayaran zakat menerusi kaunter-kaunter bank yang dilantik oleh PPZ-MAIWP sebagai ejen kutipan zakat. 

Penampilan istimewa bagi saluran ini adalah Imam Muda Asyraf.


Pihak PPZ-MAIWP memperkenalkan perkhidmtan khas ‘Door-to-Door’ bagi pembayran zakat RM5000.0o ke atas. Perkhidmatan ini membolehkan pihak kami ke lokasi anda. Hubungi talian zkat 1300 88 5757 bagi perkhidmatan ini. 

Selebriti yang membantu dalam mempromosikan saluran ini ialah Bell Ngasri


PPZ-MAIWP memperkenalkan Tabung Didik Zakat PPZ-MAIWP serendah RM10 bagi mendidik kanak-kanak untuk lebih dekat dengan ibadah zakat dan memperolehi tabung khas bagi mengalakkan aktiviti tersebut dilaksanakna. 

PU Azman atara selebriti yang akan membantu PPZ-MAIWP bagi mengalakkan aktiviti ini dilaksanakan. 

Selain itu, bagi menghargai para pembayar zakat yang membuat pembayaran di PPZ-MAIWP , pelbagai cenderahati khas seperti kalendar 2019 turut disediakan. 

Kempen ‘ Jadi Kaya Dengan Zakat’ ini disempurnkan oleh Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif PPZ-MAIWP, Tuan Haji Ahmad Shukri Yusoff dengan penampilan istimewa seperti Amar Bahrin, Bell Ngasri dan PU Azman.

PPZ-MAIWP menyeru agar semua umat islam di Wilayah Persekutuan merebut keberkatan menunaikan zakat bagi mengembalikan hak asnaf sebanyak 2.5% yang terdapat dalam harta kita. Dengan pelbagai saluran yang disediakan oleh pihak PPZ-MAIWP, diharapkan tiada alasan lagi untuk umum tidak menunaikan zakat atau menangguhkan penunainya. 








WELCOME GIFT From Althea Korea To Be Althea Angels

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WELCOME GIFT From Althea Korea To Be Althea Angels 

Hai semua. Gembira sangat sebab dah di terima menjadi Althea Angles bersama angels-angels yang sangat hebat.  Terima kasih kepada pihak Butterfly projek serta Tammy Lim yang telah memberi ruang untuk bersama-sama mereka dalam meneroka produk kecantikan dari Negera Korea khususnya Althea Korea untuk di ketengahkan kepada pembaca semua. Ternyata produk dari Althea Korea memang sangat tidak menghampakan, boleh cantik macam artis Korea tau. 

TABASCO® Celebrates 150 Iconic Years

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TABASCO® Celebrates 150 Iconic Years

KUALA LUMPUR, November 22, 2018Hotter than ever, TABASCO® Sauce has ‘fired-up’ the taste buds of many for 150 years now. In 1868, Edmund McIlhenny created a spicy sauce from the simplest of ingredients, heirloom tabasco peppers, salt and vinegar, to enliven the flavours in foods for family and friends. The creation of this simple sauce on a small stretch of land known as Avery Island, would unwittingly change the way the world eats forever.
TABASCO® offers a variety of hot sauce flavours with more than 10 varieties, from mild to extra hot, and from sweet to smoky, there’s something for every hot sauce lover.

Domino’s Pizza Dibuka Secara Rasmi di Kota Kinabalu

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Domino’s Pizza Dibuka Secara Rasmi
di Kota Kinabalu
Permulaan yang Kukuh untuk Menembusi Pasaran Sabah

KOTA KINABALU, 21 November 2018 – Sejajar  dengan komitmen untuk menambat selera dan memenuhi kehendak penggunanya, Domino’s Pizza kini menghidangkan dan membekalkan piza yang dibakar segar di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Pembukaannya di Sabah menandakan mercu jaya global bagi Domino’s Pizza dengan bilangan piza paling banyak dijual dalam sehari di Asia Tenggara. Domino’s Pizza Malaysia ialah pasaran ke-15 terbesar di dunia dan juga ke-5 terbesar di Asia Pasifik.

JS17 CUISINE Menu Western Yang Dibanjiri Dengan Cheese

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JS17 CUISINE Menu Western Yang Dibanjiri Dengan Cheese

Hai semua. Baru-baru ini khaty telah bawa anak-anak ke Pulau Pinang. Ronda punya ronda anak-anak dah bernyanyi lapar. jadi khaty pun bawa la ke Astaka Padang Brown yang memang mempunyai barisan kedai makanan yang pelbagai menu. Ternampak kedai JS17 Cuisine yang ada menyediakan menu western yang sangat menarik hati kanak-kanak termasuk maknya. Jadi, apa lagi, semua pakat dah tengok menu dan tunggu nak order saja.


Domino’s Pizza Tambah Daya Tarikan dengan Pizza Daging Carik Terbaharu!

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Domino’s Pizza Tambah Daya Tarikan
dengan Piza Daging Carik Terbaharu!
Memberikan pengalaman piza bertaraf 5 bintang

PETALING JAYA, 12 NOVEMBER 2018 –  Seiring dengan menunaikan janjinya untuk menawarkan produk dan perkhidmatan yang berkualiti, serta nilai tinggi dan kemudahan kepada pelanggan, Domino’s Pizza memperkenalkan tambahan terbaharu kepada menunya dengan rangkaian piza ‘Pulled-Meat’. Diilhamkan oleh cita rasa barat yang menjadi kegemaran rakyat Malaysia apabila menjamu selera dan merayakan detik-detik istimewa, piza ‘daging carik’ menawarkan cara paling menarik untuk menikmati kelazatan sajian makanan barat.

En Shamsul Amree, Deputy President of Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore and Pn Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President, Marketing of Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore as well as members of Domino's Pizza officiating the launch by revealing the new Pulled-Meat Pizzas!

Ways to kill your buyers interest

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Ways to kill your buyers interest

Being a seller of your own property unit, you don’t have to customize your Housing Development Board (HDB) unit into everyone’s taste and needs, everyone’s definition of dream home is different and unique. There are some points during the transaction that could turn off your potential buyer to go through the deal and if you are wondering if it is because of your HDB unit is leftover unit also as known as sales of balance flat. We can assure you that it is not because of your leftover unit but the condition of your flat but that does not mean private residential like condominiums can escape from this situation.
Cluttering your things and belongings tend to makes your home looks small, dirty and unappealing. You want to leave a good impression to your prospective buyers but having too much stuff around creates the impression or illusion that looks as if lack of adequate storage, that won’t work.

Declutter your stuff to keep your home look organized, it is not like building a rocket. All you need is baskets, bins or containers that help you store things neatly. Start organizing from room to room, that way you will be able to build confidence as you experience visible success at each step. Here’s  how you can declutter effectively.

2.Personalised decor
Home decor is how you attract your potential buyers as they begin picturing themselves in the house with the decor that has enhanced the house aesthetic. But, do not go too far with unusual or ‘exotic’ looking decor, you will scare them off because they can’t picture themselves with the decor in their lives. You might think it is cool to paint your kitchen walls and bar counter tops in orange to project happy vibes. but the buyers may find it unappealing or nauseating looking at that loud colour wall and most likely to dismiss it as a design disaster from the 1970s.

Before even open your unit for viewing, keep it conservative for your house decor. Repaint your walls with neutral design, styles and shades that are classic such as beige, greys and off-whites. They are timeless effects that forms backdrop for formal furnishings, ornaments and colourful artwork, and tend to have a broader, universal appeal. You can still incorporate ‘trendy colour’ in your house colour  palette with a spurt.

With the opening of the Downtown Line 3 stations recently boosted the prices of properties surrounding. Many aspiring home buyers would love to choose to reside within walking distance to MRT station. Not all may good things will last because your sanctuary may be polluted by noise from the MRT station or main roads could be huge turn off for your prospective buyers. They may rather opt for a unit that is just a block behind your unit.

Unless, your unit has minimized the sound pollution by double or triple glazing. Good curtains work wonders to reduce street noise coming from the windows or glass doors. Choose your window dressing made from bulky fabric like velvet or specially noise absorbing drapes.

If you are staying with messy or filthy neighbours that causes your home to look like an undesirable location to live in, well good luck with that. You probably experience your corridor is littered with stacks of old newspaper, card boards or shoes spilling out of their own racks. Even worse if the conditions are unhygienic filled with pests like roaches and vermin. The chances are buyers would be turn off or push your home all the way to the bottom of the ‘to buy’ list.

Besides, the unhygienic part, most HDBs will have rude and noisy neighbours and if they are staying right next to you, it could be a potential threat to your potential of selling off the unit. You can reduce the noise by adding thick rug on your house flooring especially the living area where most gather for activities. It works to dampen the noise coming from downstairs.

It is advisable for buyers that it is good practice to go for separate viewings during different times of the day and at different days of the week to get a good overview of the potential neighbours.

Domino’s Pizza Flies High with MASwings

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Domino’s Pizza Flies High with MASwings
Inks MoU as First QSR to Serve Pizzas to Passengers

KOTA KINABALU, November 12, 2018 – Recently marks a momentous occasion for pizza lovers and flight users all over Sabah. Domino’s Pizza and MASwings Sdn. Bhd. (MASwings) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for various initiatives to be undertaken in collaboration especially for the land below the wind.
[Front left] Ms Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore and [Front right] En Aminuddin Zakaria, Chief Executive Officer of MASwings Sdn Bhd together with MASwings pilots and members of Domino's Pizza boarded Domino's flight that marks the collaboration between the International Pizza Company and MASwings Sdn Bhd.

Spaklean Amazing Nano Collagen

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Spaklean Amazing Nano Collagen 

Hai semua. Pernah satu ketika tergempar mengenai penemuan kolagen rumpai laut yang boleh di buat sendiri. Hasil kutipan dari laut yang mana perlu di basuh dan di jemur, selepas itu harus di masak sebelum kolagen tersebut sedia untuk di minum. Tetapi hakikatnya memang tekak tidak boleh menerima langsung akan minuman kolagen tersebut. Spaklean Amazing Nano Collagen amat berbeza dari sumber kolagen yang ada sekarang kerana ianya tidak perlu di minum, tetapi cukup sekadar membancuh mengikut sukatan yang sediakan dengan pencuci wajah, syampu dan boleh menyapu terus Spaklean Amazing Nano Collagen ke kulit anda. Ini lah yang  di namakan  'add-on treatment'. Tambah dan campur kemudian kacau.

Dominos Membangkitkan Keterujaan Mengenai Keenakan Pizza

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Sempena kempen Its All About You,Dominos membangkitkan keterujaan mengenai keenakan pizza 

Hai semua. Dominos pizza sentiasa membangkitkan keterujaan dan membuatkan jiwa meronta-ronta untuk membeli nya. Mana tidak nya, apabila ada sahaja menu baru, promosinya selalu menjadi bualan. Sangat kreatif sehingga membuatkan sesiapa sahaja yang menonton pastinya akan berasa lapar. Itu di namakan strategi untuk melariskan jualan kan. 

Domino’s Pizza Ups Its Game Officially Launches Domino’s Esports

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Domino’s Pizza Ups Its Game Officially Launches Domino’s Esports

KUALA LUMPUR, November 8, 2018 – Fast paced, quick to respond and sharp skills are outstanding traits in professional Esports athletes. Domino’s Pizza is proud to acknowledge these exceptional characteristics and the potential that Esports holds for Malaysians as it marks its entry into the Esports arena with its official launch of Domino’s Esports.
The champions, #Here4Pizza celebrating their victory alongside [far right] Mr Ba U Shan- Ting, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore.

Dutch Lady | Permulaan Hari Yang Bertenaga Dengan Kebaikan Protein Dari Susu

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Hebatkan pagi anda dengan mengambil segelas susu untuk memulakan aktivit harian anda.

Pagi anda akan berlalu dengan tiada makna jika badan tidak bertenaga dan kurang bermaya. Minda juga akan sedikit terjejas di sebabkan kegagalan anggota tubuh badan memberi aliran positif untuk membuahkan idea. Adakah anda mahu kemurungan pagi berlarutan sehingga ke malam dan berpanjangan sebegitu. Katakan tidak!!!. Ambil segelas susu Dutch Lady untuk memberi khasiat protein kepada tubuh badan, yang mana akan membantu memberi tenaga yang baik untuk anda memulakan tugas seharian. Tidak perlu mengambil masa yang lama untuk minum segelas susu Dutch Lady, buka penutup tuang ke dalam cawan dan minum. 

SUMBER AYU 3X WHITENING PEARLY WHITE untuk pencerahan dan kesegaran feminin wanita

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Memperkenalkan SUMBER AYU 3X WHITENING PEARLY WHITE untuk pencerahan dan kesegaran feminin wanita

Pernahkah anda tertanya-tanya, mengapa kulit di sekitar kawasan intim anda lebih gelap berbanding kawasan kulit badan yang lain? Sudahkah anda mencuba pelbagai kaedah yang berbeza untuk mencerahkan warna kulit di kawasan intim anda tetapi belum ada yang berkesan?

Manjakan Diri Di Eco Wellness Sanctuary

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Manjakan Diri Di Eco Wellness Sanctuary Pulau Pinang

Hai semua. Rasa sangat seronok dan lega apabila dapat manjakan diri  di Eco Wellness Sanctuary Organic Family Wellness Spa di tengah bandar yang sibuk dan moden Pulau Pinang. Sebagai wanita, kesihatan menyeluruh tidak kira luaran atau dalaman harus di jaga. Walau sibuk sangat sekalipun curi sedikit masa untuk diri sendiri. Jadi tidak salah kiranya anda singgah di Eco Wellness Sanctuary Organic Family Wellness Spa untuk menyegarkan kembali tubuh yang lesu dan penat akibat tuntutan tugas harian.

Resepi Puding Madu Tiga

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Resepi Puding Madu Tiga

Hai semua. Hari ini khaty nak kongsi pasal satu kuih yang baru khaty belajar dengan makcik khaty yang memang super duper hebat kalau bab masakan mahupun kuih muih serta kek. Puding madu tiga. Macam cerita Madu Tiga pula. Katanya kuih baru. Macam mana rupa kuih tersebut. Apa rasanya? Mari kita lihat resepi Puding Madu Tiga ini.

The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq ~ Cannis

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The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq ~ Cannis”

(Sunday, 21 Oct 2018) Cannis mobile APP accumulated hundred thousand of users in less than two months time, forming a new APP trend, and is bound to become the upcoming greatest star in Nasdaq, United States.

Tips Membeli Daging Segar Dan Elok

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Tips Membeli Daging Segar Dan Elok Khas Nya Buat Para Suami.

Hai semua. Kalau sebut pasal daging memang macam-macam keluar di fikiran. Dah tentulah nak cari daging yang segar dan elok kan. Buat para wanita /surirumah (kebanyakannya) tidak menjadi sebarang masalah untuk memilih, tetapi buat anda para suami yang budiman di mana yang jarang-jarang membeli daging segar dan elok tetapi diberikan tugas untuk mencarinya. Mahunya tak garu kepala yang tidak gatal itu. Mahunya di buka google untuk tengok tips mencari daging segar dan elok. Buat la apa pun yang penting dapat daging yang betul.

Fernleaf Dibuat Dengan 100% Susu Dari New Zealand

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Fernleaf Dibuat Dengan 100% Susu Dari New Zealand

Hai semua. Suatu ketika dahulu semasa kecil, susu adalah minuman yang paling rapat dengan kita. Selepas itu, apabila sudah masuk ke sekolah juga, pemberian susu masih diteruskan untuk memastikan setiap murid membesar dengan lebih kuat dan sihat. Sehingga dewasa kita ambil juga minuman susu untuk kesihatan diri. Dilihat di Malaysia jenama Fernleaf Dibuat Dengan 100% Susu Dari New Zealand ini telah berada di Malaysia sejak 30 tahun dulu, ternyata khasiat tenusu yang terbaik dari ladang New Zealand ini sentiasa menjadi pilihan kita semua.Harga fernleaf pun berpatutan. Mampu milik.
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