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‘Abang’ Domino’s Speed and Agility Conquers 1,296 Steps In First Ever Tower Run

khatyaiman | 11/15/2019 09:22:00 am | 2 Komen

‘Abang’ Domino’s Speed and Agility Conquers 
1,296 Steps In First Ever Tower Run

KUALA LUMPUR, NOVEMBER 15, 2019 – Hustling on their feet is part of the job and they truly love it! Going beyond their everyday routine of delivering pizzas to their customers, Domino’s Pizza delivery riders demonstrated their speed and determination as they conquered the first ever Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Yayasan TM) International Tower Run 2019 recently. Four strong-willed ‘Abang’ Domino’s took up the challenge of 200-meter elevation climb with 54 floors and a total of 1,296 steps up the Menara TM, Kuala Lumpur!  

We did it!: ‘Abang’ Domino’s with their Yayasan TM International Tower Run 2019 finisher medals.
Speeding up the tower, Domino’s rider and athlete Ramachandran A/L N. Jayappalan, known as ‘Abang’ Domino’s Rama, scored his best time at 10 minutes and 24 seconds, and was ranked 39th out of 442 participants in the Men’s Open Category. Muhammad Luqman Hakim, best known as ‘Abang’ Domino’s Man was ranked at 135th, scoring his personal best time of 13 minutes and 58 seconds. Proud half marathoner Mohd Zulkarnain, fondly known as ‘Abang’ Domino’s Ezzu completed the run in 14 minutes and 29 seconds. Hafiz Adnan who is also known as ‘Abang’ Domino’s Apis beat the clock with his personal best at 23 minutes and 47 seconds.

‘Abang’ Domino’s warming up to the beat.
 ‘Abang’ Domino’s dedicated to accelerating their motion upwards to meet their personal best and most importantly, a customer’s expectations!


“Having the opportunity to take part in the first ever tower run is definitely a unique and memorable experience for me. It is even more meaningful as I am participating with my Domino’s brothers. Daily work of delivering pizzas requires us to be fast on our feet and we embrace being active as part of our lifestyle as we carry out our duties of delivering good, fast service to our customers. While running up with our Domino’s signature thermal insulated pizza delivery bags, we imagined it was as though we were delivering pizzas to our special customers. This kept us leaping and jumping up the steps!” said Ramachandran. 

Abang’ Domino’s Rama recorded best time among the Domino’s team, ranked 39th out of 442 participants in the Men’s Open Category at 10 minutes and 24 seconds! 
Runners and crew were treated to delicious hand-tossed Domino’s pizzas after the Tower Run.

Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, “At Domino’s, we live up to the spirit of ‘hustle on your feet’ and we are delighted to have our riders part of this run, as an extension of their highly active lifestyles. Running is a great sport and tower running specifically is something that our riders can relate to as sometimes they too need to run up the stairs to delivery pizzas to our customers. Our team’s participation and fantastic timing demonstrates their passion, agility and grit and we believe this translates to the positive energy and quality of service when delivering to our customers. Congratulations to our ‘Abang’ Domino’s on your remarkable achievements, we are proud of you!” 
Ramachandran A/L N. Jayappalan, fondly known as Rama, scored the best time among the Domino’s team at the Yayasan TM International Tower Run 2019.
“We are humbled to be a part of Yayasan TM 25th Anniversary celebration. Their aim to contribute towards scholarships and financial support to over 15,200 students nationwide since 1994 inspires Domino’s Pizza Malaysia to strengthen our promise of ‘It’s All About You’, in going the extra mile for our customers, employees, partners and the community,” added Linda.   
Mohd Zulkarnain bin Yunus, known as Ezzu, posing proudly with his medal.
In support of Yayasan TM’s 25th Anniversary, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has partnered with Yayasan TM International Tower Run 2019 as one of the major Gold Sponsors’, treating the runner to free pizzas, Domino’s vouchers and lucky draw prizes to enjoy. This first-ever Individual Flag-Off Tower Running Event in Malaysia by Yayasan TM hosted 1,300 national and international participants from all around the world, aiming to raise funds in assisting the less fortunate, deserving students to overcome their financial setbacks towards improving their academic performances and to promote and inspire Malaysians nationwide in adopting active lifestyles. 
All smiles for Muhammad Luqman Hakim bin Hasrodi, also known as Man, at the Yayasan TM International Tower Run 2019.
The dashing Hafiz Adnan, nicknamed Apis, ready as ever to take on new challenges that come his way!
Domino’s Pizza’s success in Malaysia over the years is driven by its commitment to provide great value and service to its customers while enhancing the lives of its customers, employees and the community. To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s and its ongoing promotions, visit  http://www.dominos.com.my/.


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