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Nak gigi putih? Gunakan Whitekish Magic Charcoal

khatyaiman | 11/27/2020 04:19:00 pm | 5 Komen

 Gigi putih membuatkan anda lebih yakin untuk sentiasa tersenyum

Semua orang menginginkan gigi yang putih supaya lebih yakin untuk senyum kepada orang sekeliling. Tetapi ada tak ubat gigi yang boleh bantu untuk memutihkan kembali gigi? Adakah ianya selamat dan terjamin kualiti nya? Ada satu produk yang tengah viral iaitu Whitekish Magic Charcoal yang boleh dicuba untuk masalah di atas tadi.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal adalah produk penjgaan gigi buatan Malaysia. Anda nak tahu, percubaan kali pertama sahaja dan menampakkan perubahan tau. wooo sangat kan.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal ini dihasilkan dari bahan semulajadi iaitu arang tempurung kelapa yang banyak manfaat nya seperti :-

  1. pastinya membantu putihkan gigi
  2. membantu menghilangkan masalah nafas berbau
  3. membantu mengatasi masalah karang gigi dan sebagainya.

Produk Whitekish Magic Charcoal telah mendapat pengiktirafan daripada KKM dan selamat untuk digunakan tanpa was was ya.

Lihat hasil sebelum dan selepas sekali penggunaan Whitekish Magic Charcoal ini . Baru sekali, kalau berkali-kali, lagi putih kan.

Untuk pembelian dan Info lanjut boleh layari maklumat di bawah :


no fon : 0178898878 ( call/sms/whatsapp )

How to Work from Home: Making Sure You Have All You Need to Work Remotely

khatyaiman | 11/27/2020 03:45:00 pm | 2 Komen

 How to Work from Home: Making Sure You Have All You Need to Work Remotely

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide have begun work-from-home initiatives to curb the spread of the coronavirus. If you are one of the millions of people who became a remote worker in 2020, you have likely realised that your work-from-home setup is more important than you once thought. Prior to the pandemic, working from home was likely a luxury, meant for laying in bed or slumping on the couch with a cup of coffee. However, if you are planning to work from home for an extended period – or permanently – then finding ways to stay productive without travelling to an office will be important.

Organisations today are developing an increasingly mobile and connected workforce. With current social distancing measures across the globe, being digitally available has become an inevitability for many, and learning to adapt to this new change while still maintaining productivity can become more challenging over time. Although what works best for working remotely will vary from person to person, today’s digitally connected workforce and easy access to smartphones and the Internet have also provided many with the opportunity to maximise their capabilities through the use of these high tech devices. 

How to Flex Your Creative Muscles and Stay Engaged in Isolation

Working from home can become monotonous. The work-life separation can make staying focused a chore, and inspiration difficult to find. With all the potential distractions running rampant at home, you should always keep your vision front-and-centre – especially for complicated projects – in order to consistently move closer to the goal, and ensure work is completed effectively. An inspiration board (or a mood board) is an ideal solution for when creativity is required, and focus is lacking while working remotely. 

Whether you are looking for a source of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, kick your skills into higher gear, or maintain momentum with current work, a digital mood board can work wonders. More than a collection of images, illustrations, colours, ideas, words, and textures, mood boards can help generate ideas, curate creative inspirations, and can define the direction of your project. Ultimately, mood boards help you “get inside” your head, revealing your intended vision better than brainstorming or a simple to-do list. Our smartphones are more than a communicative and entertainment tool; they can also help us organise our thoughts on-the-go. 

Furthermore, it may also help to extend your creativity outside of your notebook, or have it purely limited to the medium you are expressing your creative freedom in. Using the right medium – like the AR Doodle feature on Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 – you only need to turn on your camera with Samsung’s S Pen in hand to fully unleash your imagination. Explore the space around you through the lens of your camera and sketch your ideas across the room, before converting them into your digital moodboard. Connected to apps like the Samsung AR Doodle and Samsung Gallery, having the freedom to express creativity in your own space can be liberating, allowing you to be fully immersed in your thoughts anytime, anywhere. 

How to Connect with Colleagues and Work “Together” Effectively 

Working remotely can be extremely isolating at times. Fortunately, with the smart devices available to us today, staying connected is as simple as the push of a button. As part of your routine, try and interact with your colleagues regularly, fully utilising our digital connectivity to communicate and work virtually with one another. Chatting over messaging apps like Slack or holding meetings over face-to-face meetings with Zoom are examples of two quick and easy ways to stay in the loop. The advent and accessibility of smartphones have enabled us to constantly be online where needed. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made face-to-face meetings difficult, but it has also allowed the workforce to experience a meeting culture without unnecessary travelling and time spent commuting between appointments. Through text messaging on chat apps and optimising video calls, productivity can still be boosted, minimising miscommunication, and ensuring that teamwork continues to be fostered between colleagues. In whatever ways you decide to connect, do not let email be the only way you interact with colleagues. 

 How to Maximise Notetaking through Digital Tools

Notetaking is the unsung habit, whether in school, at the workplace, or even while working remotely. While notetaking is often overlooked, the ongoing effect of poor notes or skipping them entirely can hurt the work process, especially now as we work in the silos of our own homes. On the flip side, taking notes can help with doing your job better as well, helping you refer to important information when you need it, and ultimately allowing you to be more efficient and effective. 

Then, can our smartphones be viable notetaking mediums? In general, research shows that taking notes by hand allows you to remember the material better than typing the same notes down on a device, but paper and pen may not always be within arm’s reach. As we move towards using our personal devices more – whether for calls, meetings, or brainstorming sessions – it only makes sense to rely on our smartphones for our notes.  

By complementing technology with notetaking, we can create efficient notes that is easily shareable and can be synchronised across our devices. While some have adopted the portable Bluetooth-enabled keyboard to type quick notes, savvy users have been adopting tactile notetaking on their smartphones with smart styluses.  

Learning to maximize the features of your notetaking toolkit can be a gamechanger. For example, the S Pen allows you to use your Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone like a smart notepad with its screen-off memo. If you are in a rush to begin taking notes, simply use the S Pen to write on your phone even while it is asleep, and you can still get your notes in quickly without needing to unlock your device. It’s a nifty tool that allows you to convert your hand-written into text that you can copy and paste, and easily sync notes across your devices for your easy reference needs. Also, to simplify yet still keeping your notetaking fully effective, Audio Bookmarks can strengthen recall and bring you to timestamps in which your notes were taken, allowing you to play your recording back where needed and better keep track of all your meetings, even while you are separated from your team. 

Convenience at the Tip of Your Fingers

Over the duration of your work-from-home experience, you will find that there are already many tools and resources that can help boost productivity. While the general setup only includes a decent Internet connection, a computer that meets your needs and a reliable smartphone, it still pays to know the mileage you can gain from each avenue, and how to best drive your personal work output and visualise creativity, whether it is for your professional or home life. 

Hompton By The Beach Penang : Ada katil dua tingkat yang menarik perhatian anak-anak sangat awesome

khatyaiman | 11/23/2020 10:30:00 am | 1 Komen

Hompton By The Beach Penang : Ada katil dua tingkat yang menarik perhatian anak-anak sangat awesome 

Asslamualaikaum. Hai semua

Pada kali ini, khaty ingin berkongsi sesuatu yang menarik mengenai pengalaman menginap di Hompton By The Beach Penang yang mana keunikan nya adalah bilik nya. Apa yang unik kan? Semua bilik kebanyakan sama sahaja kan?? Selain itu jarak pantai yang sangat dekat sungguh mengasyikkan bila boleh dengar bunyi deruan ombak. Anak-anak paling suka sebab percutian kali ini sangat menyeronokkan mereka

Hompton By The Beach Penang adalah hotel bertaraf 4 bintang dengan pesona ‘rumah’, yang menawarkan pelancong untuk bersantai di pinggir laut Tanjong Tokong yang strategik. Ianya sesuai buat para pelancong santai dan keluarga serta pelancong perniagaan, dan memberikan semua pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan kepada semua tetamu yang mengingatkan keselesaan penginapan yang tidak tergantikan, dilengkapi dengan layanan penuh perhatian dan pemandangan panorama Laut Andaman yang memukau.

Terletak secara strategik di kawasan pelancongan Tanjung Tokong, Hompton terletak di kawasan yang terkenal dengan tempat menarik dan tarikan pelancong. Tidak jauh dari kompleks membeli-belah bandar Penang (Straits Quay, Gurney Drive dll) dan pusat perniagaan.

Semua bilik dibina untuk menghadap ke Samudera Hindia yang luas, dan dilengkapi dengan tingkap tinggi yang menawarkan pemandangan laut ketiga terbesar di dunia dari keselesaan atau suite mereka. Pantai berpasir juga terletak dalam jarak berjalan kaki yang singkat.

Hompton menempatkan 240 bilik dan suite pemandangan laut dengan pelbagai saiz dan jenis yang sesuai untuk keluarga dan juga pelancong perniagaan. Bilik dibina di tingkat atas (tingkat 12 hingga 32) untuk memberikan privasi eksklusif kepada para tetamu. Setiap bilik dan suite dirancang dengan mempertimbangkan keselesaan para tetamu, berhawa dingin sepenuhnya dan dilengkapi dengan Wi-Fi berkelajuan tinggi tanpa had percuma. Perabot dan kelengkapannya praktikal namun direka khas untuk menyajikan suasana yang estetik, jadi jadikan diri anda seperti di rumah, di Hompton.

Bilik yang khaty dan keluarga duduk ada katil dua tingkat. Masuk ja bilik, anak-anak memang tuju terus kati tu. Siap kata macam kat rumah la bilik ni. Ini adalah masih dalam promosi dan tempahan untuk bulan November dan penginapan boleh sampai 31 disember 2020. Jadi rebutlah peluang sementara masih ada. Pihak hotel menyatakan ianya adalah terhad dan tidak akan di buka selalu . 

Spice Garden

Tempat makan di Hompton dibuka sepanjang hari untuk para tetamu sepanjang masa. Menampilkan sarapan bufet yang berinspirasi yang akan membangkitkan selera anda; menu makan tengah hari yang mendorong anda untuk hari berikutnya; persembahan makan malam untuk meringkaskan hari yang menyenangkan atau makanan ringan sebelum tidur untuk membantu anda menenangkan diri. mereka mempunyai semuanya di bawah satu bumbung.

Reservation:(60)4 373 3233
Location:Level 11
Operating Hours:
Breakfast:Monday to Friday 7.00am – 10.00am Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 7.00am – 10.30am
Lunch12.00pm – 2.30pm
Dinner7.00pm – 10.00pm (selected dates)
Smoking Policy:Smoking is not permitted in this premise.

Elementos, tapas & lounge


Bar dan ruang istirahat berkonsep yang menyajikan hidangan tapas yang menggembirakan dan hidangan utama yang dikategorikan dalam lima elemen asas alam semesta – air, api, kayu, logam, bumi. Setiap item dalam menu menyajikan seni kuliner dengan cita rasa ilahi, dan hasilnya adalah ciptaan-cetusan minda yang keluar dari dunia ini.

Ini tempat yang paling khaty suka, boleh bersantai-santai dengan angin laut yang sangat nyaman. Boleh nampak pantai dan pasir yang bersih. Suasana ini sangat sesuai untuk hilangkan tekanan kerja harian dan baru lah nama nya percutian yang terbaik bila anda boleh dengar bunyi ombak sambil tutup mata.

Boleh nampak keriangan para pengunjung berjalan di tepi pantai. Tambahan pula dengan gelak tawa dan keriangan ana-anak yang berlari ke laut dan bermain pasir. Terasa sangat bebas dan damai bila merasai pengalaman menginap di sini. 

Reservation:(60)4 373 3233
Location:Level 1
Operating Hours:
Lunch / Dinner11.00am – 12.00midnight
Smoking Policy:Smoking is not permitted in this premise.

Infinity Pool

Operating Hours8:00am – 10:00pm

LocationLevel 10

Ini juga menjadi tempat yang anak-anak akan cari juga bila sampai hotel. Di sini lah mereka akan bermain sehingga sepuasnya. Kebetulan musim Covid 19 ni kan, pengunjung pun tak berapa ramai, jadi kolam mandi kami yang punya . ahakssss.

Fitness Center

Operating Hours8:00am – 10:00pm

LocationLevel 10


Steam Room

Operating Hours : Temporarily Unavailable ( disebabkan Pendamik Covid 19  )


LocationLevel 10


Room Package

31 December 2020

Room Voucher Sale

Year end room voucher sale starts from RM150nett for room with complimentary breakfast. Available from now until 31 December, 2020. Validity of 6 months. E-mail: today.

Room Package

31 December 2020

1+1 Sales

Enjoy a value-added staycation in Penang with family and friends! Get two rooms for the price of one! Buy one Supreme Room and get one Deluxe Room Twin FREE at RM 380nett per room per night.

Di musim pendamik Covid 19 memang banyak tempat percutian terkesan, Nak bercuti pun takut. Tetapi dengan menjaga SOP masing-masing, semoga kita .Info lanjut klik icon di bawah .


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