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Ke sana ke sini kebanyakannya menggunakan pembelian melalui dalam talian. Sudah semestinya kalau nak membeli, nak cari satu kedai atau tempat dalam talian menyediakan pelbagai jenis barang yang anda mahu kan? PG Mall ( E-dagang nombor 1 di Malaysia dan satu-satunya platform e-dagang tempatan sejak 2017 dan kini semakin berkembang maju. Untuk pengetahuan anda,PG Mall juga tersenarai  top 3 dalam pencarian bagi pelanggan untuk membeli-belah.   [ ] . Kita dapat melihat bagaimana PG Mall telah berkembang dengan begitu baik sekali dari tahun ke tahun sebagai pemain e-dagang terkemuka di malaysia sehingga meninggalkan jauh beberapa syarikat pesaingnya yang lain. PG Mall juga menerima baik untuk semua jenis e-wallet dan pembayaran online. 

Ada beberapa jenis promosi yang hebat sedang berlaku dalam PG Mall ini. Semua ini akan membuatkan  kita semua rambang mata untuk berada dalam tempoh masa yang lama nak memilih barang yang kita suka. Tipu la kan kalau anda semua tidak suka bila nampak perkataan ‘PROMOSI’
up to 80% OFF Storewide discount
Daily Free Shipping with min spend RM30
Cash Back up to 3.5%

Top Merchant participate . Boleh la pilih mana satu yang anda berkenan. Banyak gilerr kan jenama yang terlibat.

Big Spoon Kitchenware| coupon code : SPOONFREE

Fren Store | coupon code : FRENFREE

Softlove Malaysia | coupon code : SOFTFREE


 Teng Mobile | coupon code : TENGFREE

Shop X | coupon code : SHOPXFREE

WangZheng Care| coupon code : WZHENGFREE

Mamami Health Food| coupon code : MAMAFREE

Perma Glass | coupon code : PERMAFREE

Altron Mall| coupon code : ATRNFREE

Butik Bos Official Store | coupon code : BUTIKFREE

 VV Mall| coupon code : VVMALLFREE

 WJS | coupon code : WJSFREE

Jazz & Co;-Co-1 | coupon code : JAZZCOFREE

WPN | coupon code : WPMFREE

Dr Morita | Coupon code : MORITAFREE

Aromate | Coupon code : AROFREE


Bagi Super Brand Sales pula, pelbagai jenis barang seperti makanan dan gajet boleh di cari. Pastinya tumpuan khaty akan terus ke makanan sebab memang suka makan.

21st September -30th September 2020
RM20 OFF with min spend RM50
Super Brand : Nestle, Gintell, Vivo, G2OOO, Revlon,Old Town, P&G, Focus Point , Hurix, 4S Professional, Pineng

Health & Beauty Essential Week . Jangan dilupakan juga untuk menjaga kesihatan kita. Sementara ada promosi, jom lah kita tengok jika ada yang bersesuaian dari hujung rambut hingga ke kaki

15September – 30 September 
RM25 off min spend RM100
 Free shipping capped at rm4 
Use code: LOVEPGHB25

Jangan berlengah lagi. Jom cepat² membeli belah di gedung online . Nak jimat kan masa dan tak perlu nak bersusah payah nak keluar kan. Duduk rumah atau pejabat sambil-sambil tengok fon jengah la untuk window shopping tau.

9 Things to Expect on Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

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 Culmination of signature campaign features irresistible highlights on 9 September

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 September 2020 – Shopee’s signature annual shopping event, the 9.9 Super Shopping Day, has brought millions of people together with its exciting deals and offerings. This year, the shopping event which returns for the fifth edition, takes on a greater significance as communities step up their recovery efforts from the pandemic and adapt to the new normal of e-commerce. Not only will it provide a springboard for sellers and brands to grow their e-commerce business but it will also deliver the best shopping experience for users through  daily free shipping with a minimum spend lowered to just RM9, an extensive list of deals, promotions and prizes to be won. 


The 9.9 Super Shopping Day period takes place from now till the day that Shopee users look forward to the most – 9 September. So what exactly can Malaysians expect on D-Day? Here are 9 highlights to look out for on 9.9 itself! 

1. 9.9 Super Show

For a memorable countdown to 9.9, don’t miss the Shopee 9.9 Super Show featuring games, performances and acts by a star-studded lineup including Ernie Zakri, Dato’ Aaron Aziz, Ayda Jebat, Alif Satar, Wany Hasrita and many more. Not only that, viewers can play and win prizes such as Samsung 55” TVs, iPhone 11s and gold bars. Catch it on 8 September, from 9pm on Shopee Live and Shopee MY’s YouTube channel. The Shopee 9.9 Super Show is sponsored by Drypers, Dettol, P&G, Friso, PediaSure, Nescafé and L’Oréal.


2. Midnight Madness

At the stroke of midnight on 9 September, go on a shopping frenzy as the RM9 lowered free shipping is expanded sitewide from 12AM – 2AM. Meanwhile, 9.9 Only Deals where shoppers add deals to their cart earlier and checkout on 9 September feature mouth-watering discounts including:

       Samsung front load washing machine – RM2,599 RM1,355

       Honda Wave Alpha – RM5,000 RM3,900

       Samsung Galaxy S20+ – RM3,999 RM2,899

       Giordano Men’s Napoleon Embroidery Polo – RM119 RM25


3. Free Shipping Hours

What is better than free shipping vouchers? Even MORE free shipping vouchers! Look out for extra quantities of RM9 platform-wide free shipping vouchers to be claimed and used at 12AM, 9AM, 12PM & 9PM for greater savings.

4. Last-Minute Rush

Get ready to be spoiled for choice with an assortment of promos while enjoying RM9 platform-
wide free shipping from 10PM – 12AM to grab all you need right before 9.9 Super Shopping Day ends.

5. Rewards, Rewards and more Rewards

Set reminders to be notified about big 9.9 rewards on specific time slots throughout the day, such as RM30 off at 1AM, 25% off at 7AM and RM20 off at 9AM.

6. Plant & Grow 9 Samsung Galaxy Note20

Beyond providing just discounts to users, the 9.9 S

uper Shopping Day gives shoppers a chance to win 9 shiny new smartphones. On 9.9 itself, plant and grow 9 units of Samsung Galaxy Note20 that will be given out from the Lucky Tree when playing the Shopee Farm game. With its hyper-fast processor and timeless design, the Note20 is sure to be a hit among fans.


7. 10x Brands Spotlight

Shopee Mall brands offer 100% authentic products, 15 days hassle-free returns at zero cost and free shipping nationwide. On 9 September, enjoy double the number of Brands Spotlight slots compared to regular days within the 9.9 Super Shopping Day period. What this means is that there will be double the number of these brands throughout the day that feature limited time special deals and vouchers including Huawei and Oppo.

8. 9.9 Only Vouchers

Claim special vouchers now and use them on 9 September. These include 50% off vouchers from retailers, exclusively for Shopee users, for a more rewarding shopping experience. 

9. Shopee Games

The 9.9 Super Shopping Day would not be complete without Shopee’s signature fun games loved by many. Shake away on Shopee Shake to win coins at 12AM, 12PM and 8PM. Meanwhile 3 gold bars await players on Shopee Claw!

These highlights are on top of 9.9 million PENJANA vouchers available to be enjoyed during the campaign by consumers as part of Shopee’s collaboration with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for the Government’s Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA).

The campaign also features deals from financial partners such as Visa, FPX and HSBC and lifestyle partners like Gong Cha, Marrybrown, LEGOLAND, We Bare Bears and Krispy Kreme. The 9.9 Super Shopping Day is anchored by British Polo, Elianware, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Oppo, P&G, PediaSure, realme, Siti Khadijah, Skechers, Tefal, and Vinda.

Check out what to expect on 9 September here – and browse through the 9.9 Super Shopping Day incentives by visiting 

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Gong Cha Introduces Its First-ever e-Drink Series with Shopee

Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong Cha and Malaysia’s no.1 e-commerce platform Shopee are joining forces to bring all Shopee users an exciting range called the Shopee 9.9 Super Drinks that will sure tingle the taste buds, put a smile on everyone’s faces and have them wanting more.


Introducing three special brews – the Mango Matcha Latte, Mango Latte & Mango Marble, these exclusive and special beverages are introduced in celebration of Shopee’s flagship annual shopping event – the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

 Mango Matcha Latte


The triple-layered and eye-catching Mango Matcha Latte consists of tangy mango puree, rich-flavoured matcha and creamy fresh milk. While some may wonder at the odd coupling and contrasting bitterness of the matcha and sweetness from the mango, they actually complement each other well when mixed together. Be bold and adventurous with this Mango Matcha Latte that will sure to stir your gastronomic senses.

Mango Latte


The Mango Latte’s flavours are subtle and on point. The Gong Cha's freshly brewed green tea blends perfectly with the fresh milk while the bits and pieces of mango offers a unique and addictive texture to the drink. This refreshing and fruity version of a green tea latte is something you can’t afford to miss!

Mango Marble


The blend of mango, paired with milk green tea and Gong Cha's signature milk foam, creates a beautiful marble texture which gives the drink its name. The combination of rich, creamy milk foam and the floral taste of mango may just be that refreshing drink for you to sip on during a fun, road trip with friends.

Gong Cha is introducing their e-drink series for the very first time where the drinks can only be purchased digitally via the Shopee app and collected at their outlets. Get the Shopee x Gong Cha e-drink series now exclusively on Shopee through the Food & Services Vouchersin-app portal. The Shopee 9.9 Super Drink vouchers can be redeemed at all Gong Cha outlets nationwide from now to 27 September.

Fans can enjoy the drinks at an introductory price of RM7 (Normal price: RM10) from now to

13 September. Save more when you purchase the drinks at RM5 only on these special dates: 1 Sept, 6 Sept and 9 Sept.

Apply the code GC99 upon checkout to enjoy 30% coins cashback (capped at RM5) when you purchase the e-drink series on Shopee from 1 – 9 September.

The Shopee 9.9 Super Drink is introduced in conjunction with the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, happening from now to 9 September 2020. Users who visit Shopee are in for an exciting shopping event – free shipping with minimum spend of RM9, daily Shocking Sale with RM9 deals, 50% off vouchers as well as prizes worth up to RM 99,000 to be won through Shopee Games.

What are you waiting for? Visit now!

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