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Ways to kill your buyers interest

khatyaiman | 11/13/2018 04:00:00 pm | 3 Komen

Ways to kill your buyers interest

Being a seller of your own property unit, you don’t have to customize your Housing Development Board (HDB) unit into everyone’s taste and needs, everyone’s definition of dream home is different and unique. There are some points during the transaction that could turn off your potential buyer to go through the deal and if you are wondering if it is because of your HDB unit is leftover unit also as known as sales of balance flat. We can assure you that it is not because of your leftover unit but the condition of your flat but that does not mean private residential like condominiums can escape from this situation.
Cluttering your things and belongings tend to makes your home looks small, dirty and unappealing. You want to leave a good impression to your prospective buyers but having too much stuff around creates the impression or illusion that looks as if lack of adequate storage, that won’t work.

Declutter your stuff to keep your home look organized, it is not like building a rocket. All you need is baskets, bins or containers that help you store things neatly. Start organizing from room to room, that way you will be able to build confidence as you experience visible success at each step. Here’s  how you can declutter effectively.

2.Personalised decor
Home decor is how you attract your potential buyers as they begin picturing themselves in the house with the decor that has enhanced the house aesthetic. But, do not go too far with unusual or ‘exotic’ looking decor, you will scare them off because they can’t picture themselves with the decor in their lives. You might think it is cool to paint your kitchen walls and bar counter tops in orange to project happy vibes. but the buyers may find it unappealing or nauseating looking at that loud colour wall and most likely to dismiss it as a design disaster from the 1970s.

Before even open your unit for viewing, keep it conservative for your house decor. Repaint your walls with neutral design, styles and shades that are classic such as beige, greys and off-whites. They are timeless effects that forms backdrop for formal furnishings, ornaments and colourful artwork, and tend to have a broader, universal appeal. You can still incorporate ‘trendy colour’ in your house colour  palette with a spurt.

With the opening of the Downtown Line 3 stations recently boosted the prices of properties surrounding. Many aspiring home buyers would love to choose to reside within walking distance to MRT station. Not all may good things will last because your sanctuary may be polluted by noise from the MRT station or main roads could be huge turn off for your prospective buyers. They may rather opt for a unit that is just a block behind your unit.

Unless, your unit has minimized the sound pollution by double or triple glazing. Good curtains work wonders to reduce street noise coming from the windows or glass doors. Choose your window dressing made from bulky fabric like velvet or specially noise absorbing drapes.

If you are staying with messy or filthy neighbours that causes your home to look like an undesirable location to live in, well good luck with that. You probably experience your corridor is littered with stacks of old newspaper, card boards or shoes spilling out of their own racks. Even worse if the conditions are unhygienic filled with pests like roaches and vermin. The chances are buyers would be turn off or push your home all the way to the bottom of the ‘to buy’ list.

Besides, the unhygienic part, most HDBs will have rude and noisy neighbours and if they are staying right next to you, it could be a potential threat to your potential of selling off the unit. You can reduce the noise by adding thick rug on your house flooring especially the living area where most gather for activities. It works to dampen the noise coming from downstairs.

It is advisable for buyers that it is good practice to go for separate viewings during different times of the day and at different days of the week to get a good overview of the potential neighbours.


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